High Voltage
  • Manual Control
  • 2- 40 KV Single output.
  • Over load / short circuit protected
  • Digital Voltmeter / analog ammeter
  • Indian Make
Syringe pump
  • PC control Only – PC to be provided by you.
  • Only infusion
  • Can dispense from 10 standard disposable needles
  • Programmable  Volume Control
  • Will stop when syringe reached end
  • Manufactured using insulated material


Drum Collector

  • 500-3000 RPM Manual Control ( Can be rotated at  speed less than 500 also )
  • 300 length  x dia 70mm (Other diameter rods can be supplied at additional costs)

Plate Collector

  • 125 x 125 mm

Disc Collector

  • 5mm wide  70mm dia
Core Shell nozzle
Can be provided
Linear Stage

X - Axis movement

  • motorized  300 mm movement
  • Can be made to move from 5 to 150mm on either side with help of manually adjustable  movable limit switches
  • Syringe pump is mounted on the X-Axis Stage. Vertical Electrospinning system

Z- Axis

  • Height Adjustment between syringe and drum – Manual control

Y Axis

  • Nil
Spinning Chamber

Constructed with

  • Aluminium  Strut Frames.
  • Two Polycarbonate- Clear  doors
  • Window on one side
  • Fibre Glass Panel on other sides
  • With Sensor to switch of H.V.Power Supply
Control Panel
  • Emergency Stop
  • Power Light
  • Exhaust Fan Switch
  • Controls for Syringe pump / Drum Collector and X-Translation stage
  • Power Supply Controls
Safety Features
  • HV Power Supply will switch off when door opened
  • Manual discharge Stick to discharge residual charges.
  • Rubber Floor mat
  • Teflon rod to clean syringe tips.
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